immoveris launched its operations in Bern in 2003 with a small, powerful team under the leadership of Karin Aeberhard. At the same time, Karl Scheiwiller and Verena Inderbitzin opened their branches in St. Gallen and Ticino.

The range of services first comprised marketing and transaction activities with a regional focus on Bern and the Central Plateau. After achieving initial success, the range was continually expanded and offered throughout Switzerland. The managed client portfolio first grew with private investors, and later increasingly thanks to institutional investors in Switzerland and abroad.

In 2016, immoveris was sold to Swiss Prime Site as part of its intended succession planning. That same year, the property management services were merged with Group company Wincasa.

In view of the strategic development of all advisory services, the Letting & Investment Advisory business area of Wincasa was consolidated with immoveris in early 2018.

Thanks to the merger and succession, today immoveris is professionally established in and focused on the key locations within Switzerland: Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, St. Gallen, Zurich and Ticino. In the future, the range of services will be expanded to include asset management and will be offered to small and medium-sized property owners.

Executive Board


Welcome to immoveris! The real estate market environment has become increasingly complex in recent years: Growth and risk are challenges that will attract increased attention in the future.

As a professional real estate advisor, immoveris offers services in connection with these challenges in order to provide our clients with sustainable added value. We offer services surrounding leasing and strategic advice through to the transaction. We are experts in residential, office, retail and industrial uses. Our wealth of experience includes expertise in real estate project development and turn-around situations.

We employ more than 30 real estate specialists in eight locations – one step closer.

Image (from left to right) Deniz G. Orga, Angelika Gröschl, Nathalie Stucki and Bruno Kurz


millions of CHF per year in transaction volume


m² of marketed commercial space and 1,000 apartments per year


billions of CHF in assets under management advisory volume per year


Handling of real estate asset management mandates for small and medium-sized investors throughout Switzerland


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Ivon Agatic, BSc

Hazar Allami, MAS

Vitali Bekker, MAS

Samuel Bergstein, BSc

Kathrin Dörig, BSc

Nadja Logiurato, eidg. FA

Alexandra Gandoulf, BSc

Angelika Gröschl, MRICS

Noah Beat Hatecke

Maximilian Hoffmann, MRICS

Ursula Huwiler

Verena Inderbitzin


We set ambitious goals. We strive for continuous improvement.
  • We set challenging objectives and work passionately to achieve them.
  • Our efforts create sustained added value for our customers.
  • We approach our tasks with the utmost commitment and stand behind the results of our work.
  • We are motivated by our company’s success and are committed to achieving it.


We embody innovation. Our future hinges on our ability to evolve.
  • We encourage and demand innovation, break new ground and continually develop.
  • We are committed to providing sustainable and innovative products and services, day in and day out.
  • We consolidate the expertise of our employees in order to facilitate innovation in all business areas.
  • We encourage an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and creativity at all levels.
  • We set new standards in our business areas.


Integrity is at the core of all of our activities.
  • We do what we say and we keep our promises.
  • We not only comply with the law, statutes and our own rules, but we base our actions on clear principles and a shared understanding of values.
  • We ensure that our values and guidelines are implemented and observed by means of control and regulatory systems.
  • We communicate transparently and honestly with our customers.
  • Our discretion is the basis for a collaboration built on trust.
  • We do not misrepresent anyone and we fight damage to our reputation.
  • We are authentic and reliable.


We approach everyone with respect. We focus on people.
  • We approach one another with respect. Our understanding of leadership is based on mutual trust. Trust is based on accountability, ethics and fairness – amongst and with one another.
  • We value each individual and their achievements – yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • We create a work environment based on respect, fairness and recognition.
  • We communicate openly with one another. We are constantly learning from our mistakes and constructive criticism, which we use to continuously improve. We demand, encourage and respect constructive feedback.
  • We support and promote diversity – of people, opinions and experience.


We actively exercise our responsibility and stand behind it. We set an example.
  • We act responsibly on behalf of our company’s interests and take account of the impact we have on society and the environment.
  • We are always reliable and believe in discretion.
  • We strictly comply with our high compliance standards.
  • We all serve as role models.
  • We vouch for one another in the interest of our company – a team spirit is essential.
  • We aim for sustainable success by developing and promoting our employees in a targeted manner.
  • The health and safety of our employees is important to us.

Corporate structure characterized by integrity
immoveris strongly encourages its employees to embody the corporate culture and to act with integrity. All of our employees have a duty and a responsibility to exemplify the desired behaviors on a daily basis. Accordingly, our code of conduct defines clear principles and serves as a guide in the day-to-day working environment.

PDF of the code of conduct

Reporting violations
Violations of our code of conduct can be reported, anonymously if desired, using the link below. By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the secure, independent Integrity Platform. It is not part of this website or of immoveris.

Report a violation

Retrieving responses
You can retrieve a response to a message you have already submitted using your case number and password here.

Retrieve a response

Further information about the reporting process
We take violations of our code of conduct seriously. We ask that our employees report incidents, anonymously if desired, using the secure Integrity Platform. The Integrity Platform is operated by Integrity Line GmbH ( All reports are handled on the secure servers of Integrity Line, not on your company’s servers. This allows Integrity Line to ensure your anonymity if you so desire. No IP addresses, times or metadata are recorded or saved when using the Integrity Platform. All data are encrypted. As a result, no information is available that could link your computer to the Integrity Platform. This allows you to remain anonymous, provided you do not enter your name.

References - a selection

Wide-ranging references point to successful projects – we would be pleased to provide you with selected references from our broad spectrum of services. Our references and current projects are described in the regional language of Switzerland.
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Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG
Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG

Verkauf von 2 Prime Retail Liegenschaften in Bern & Genf

Transaktionsmanager der Verkäuferschaft
 AXA Investment Managers AG
AXA Investment Managers AG

Erstvermietung Markthalle / Gastronomie / Retail

Berater und Vermarktungsagent der Eigentümerschaft
 stone estate. swiss ag
stone estate. swiss ag

Mise en valeur et relocation de bureaux à Genève

Conseiller et responsable de la commercialisation pour le propriétaire

Verkauf 4 Mehrfamilienhäuser Wohnen mit Service in Ramsen/SH

Transaktionsmanager der Verkäuferschaft
AXA Investment Managers AG
AXA Investment Managers AG

Vermietung einer Retailfläche von 1‘400 m² im Schappe-Center Kriens

Berater und Vermarktungsagent der Eigentümerschaft

Externe Unterstützung und Beratung in der Bewirtschaftung

Strategieberater der Eigentümerschaft

Organisationsberatung zu In- & Outsourcing Modellen von Immobiliendienstleistungen

Strategieberater der Eigentümerschaft
CS Anlagestiftung
CS Anlagestiftung

Erstvermietung einer Wohn- & Geschäftsüberbauung in Zürich-Altstetten

Berater und Vermarktungsagent der Eigentümerschaft
Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung
Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung

Szenarienanalyse zur Repositionierung einer Wohnliegenschaft

Strategieberater der Eigentümerschaft
Pensionskasse Graubünden
Pensionskasse Graubünden

Retail- | Office- | Hotel Sounding

Berater und Vermarktungsagent der Eigentümerschaft

Verkauf Mehrfamilienhaus-Portfolio in Allschwil / BL

Transaktionsmanager der Verkäuferschaft
Søstrene Grene
Søstrene Grene

Vermietung einer Retailfläche in Baden

Berater und Vermarktungsagent der Eigentümerschaft